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The Venus & Cupid Arts Trust is organising a Cross Bay Walk on Sunday 12 May 2019, to raise funds to pay for the on-going repairs to the Sculpture.

See below for how to book

The walk starts at 11.15 am at Arnside Promenade, crossing the sands to Kent’s Bank, 2 miles west of Grange-over-Sands.  It is about 8-10 miles long and generally takes about 4 hours.  Most of the terrain is sandy, but there are soft, muddy spots, and one or two of the main channels can be up to thigh-deep in water.


The basic charge is £12 per adult, £9 for children 16-17, £7 for children under 16 years. *

Discounts for parties of three or more people, all booked and paid for as a single party:

Adult: £10.     16-17 years: £7.   Child (11-15): £5. (max. 2 children under 16 per adult, see note below *)


Since the rail service from Kent’s Bank to Arnside has a limited capacity (see note below †), Venus & Cupid will book a 50-seater coach back to Arnside.  This will leave Kent’s Bank once the whole group has arrived.  (We may run second coach if there is sufficient demand.)

Cost: £5 per seat, all ages.


This web site is still undergoing development, and should be fully operational by 21st March.  In the meantime, however, you may reserve places or book, as follows:

1:  Fill in Page 1 of the Booking Form ( click here ) and return it to us, either by post to Peter Brown at 336 Marine Road Central, Morecambe LA4 5AB, or scan and email it to:  admin@venusandcupidartstrust.org

2:  Reserve your tickets only.  Please state whether you just wish to reserve tickets – for confirmation and payment by you by 31st March, please.  In this case we shall confirm the reservation by email on or shortly after 21st March.  (If you need a positive response before then, please mention this in your email, and we shall try to contact you sooner.)

3:  To Pay now

Either A:  Book now using Paypal (see under Tickets at the bottom of this page).  Please first ensure that you have sent us Page 1 of the Booking Form: otherwise we will not know who it is who has paid !

In Paypal you need to book each category of Walker (adult/child/etc) separately – see note § below).  Please add the Paypal reference to your booking form.

Or B:   Send a cheque payable to the Venus & Cupid Arts Trust along with Page 1 of the Booking Form to Peter Brown at 336 Marine Road Central, Morecambe LA4 5AB.  We shall confirm the receipt by email on or shortly after 21st March.

Or C:   Cash payments on the day: we prefer walkers to pay in advance, but you may pay Cash on the day (subject to availability of places).  Please bring the filled in form (both pages) with you.  No discounts in this case !  And, sorry, we cannot accept credit or debit cards.

For further information please email admin@venusandcupidartstrust.org

For Booking Form, click here


Registration will take place between 10.00 and 11.00 am on Arnside Promenade, so that the walk can begin promptly at 11.15.  Precise details will be published in early May.



*  The organisers stipulate that “the walk is not suitable for children under eleven years old unless they are used to reasonably strenuous walks”.  They add that under 16’s should be accompanied by a responsible adult.  In this respect we ask that there be at least one adult for every two childrenin each party, as there are potential dangers if children should stray from the specified route.

†  There is a Sunday rail service from Kent’s Bank to Arnside, but it has a limited capacity and should not be depended upon for the return journey.  Trains depart Kent’s Bank at 15.15 and 16.20 for Arnside, Silverdale, Carnforth and Lancaster.

Unfortunately the earliest Sunday morning service to Arnsidedoes not arrive until too late for the walk.  If there is sufficient demand, however, we may be able to organise outward transport from Morecambe to Arnside:  please let us know whether you would be interested, when you make your booking.

§. Paypal booking form: you need to book each category of Walker (adult/child/etc, also coach seats) separately.  Then use “CONTINUE SHOPPING” to enter the second category, and so on.

Image Credit: Morecambe Bay Partnership


Unlimited available Walkers Adult (18+) £12.00
Unlimited available Walkers aged 16-17 £9.00
Unlimited available Walkers 11-15 years £7.00
Unlimited available Discount for parties of 3 or more - Walkers Adult (18+) £10.00
Unlimited available Discount for parties of 3 or more - Walkers 16-17 years £7.00
Unlimited available Discount for parties of 3 or more - Walkers 11-15 years £5.00
Unlimited available Seat on coach from Kent’s Bank to Arnside £5.00