Venus and Cupid arrived on the eastern end of Morecambe Promenade at Scalestones Point in 2005 and has been a talking point ever since.

Seated on a small promontory into the Bay it has the most stunning backdrop – the panorama of Lakeland Hills across the beauty of Morecambe Bay.

Photographers – professional and amateur – are often found capturing Venus and the surrounding views at all seasons of the year, in all weathers and at all states of the tide. Images of Venus have appeared in leaflets, a calendar and on Christmas cards

Shane Johnstone said public support had made him change his mind about destroying it.

“People love it. There’s dozens of sculptures along the promenade and two that get talked about – Eric Morecambe and my sculpture,” Shane Johnstone

Thanks to great public support the sculpture is now owned by the Venus & Cupid Arts Trust, registered with the Charity Commission in January 2013, Charity Registration Number: 1150570.

The Trust has responsibility for the sculpture’s maintenance, repairs and insurance.